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Lithonal Kidney stone
"Discover How A 32-Year-Old Newlywed Woman With Kidney Stones So Bad She Couldn't Get Up Out Of The Bed For Weeks On End Effortlessly Dissolved Her Kidney Stones Like Magic In Less Than A Week…Amazing Her Doctors And Saving Her Marriage"

Dear Friend,

     I am sooo happy you found this site! Why?

     Because, just like you, I was plagued with the never-ending pain of kidney stones. But, I’m here to tell you there is a way to put an end to your hurting that I can’t wait to share…

     Just like you, I suffered through the endless swelling, tenderness, and pain. It seemed to come out of nowhere, but for many years after it started, I experienced the extreme flare ups…in so much pain that I couldn’t even make it from my bed to the bathroom. How embarrassing! But, that has all changed…

     With kidney stones, it was often impossible to get up and do what I needed to do—I just hurt way too much. Just making it through my day was hard enough, but I what I hated most was that I couldn’t do the things I really wanted to do because I was in too much pain…I was just miserable!

     I was frustrated because I couldn’t get around on my own without a lot of pain.

     I was depressed because the pain just wouldn’t stop—it just throbbed and throbbed with no relief. It was almost enough to drive me crazy!

     And, since all my doctor wanted to do was shoot me full of potentially dangerous drugs or perform expensive and risky surgeries, I felt like even the so-called “experts” didn’t know how to really help me—they just wanted to treat my symptoms with drugs.

     I felt all alone and that was a horrible feeling…you know, the feeling that nobody really understands how much pain you’re really in.

     If you’re suffering from kidney stones I’m sure you know that feeling all too well. I had no idea where to turn, so for many months I just sucked it up and suffered in silence.

     Again, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about—those skeptical looks from your doctor, nobody believing that you’re really in that much pain, the desire to get better but no matter what you do, you just end up feeling worse…you know exactly what I mean, right?

     How can such tiny little stones cause so much pain?!

But, I’m so happy because I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer any more…

  • No more feeling so much pain that all you ever want to do is stay inside and never move again!
  • No more sharp, stabbing pains in your side!
  • No more throbbing, swelling, or tenderness in your side and groin that makes you feel awful all the time!
  • No more painful urination!
  • No more having to sit on the sidelines watching life pass you by because you’re afraid your symptoms will feel even worse!
  • No more embarrassment because you hurt so bad that you can’t do the things that others can do quickly and effortlessly.

     If you’re done with kidney stones ruining your ambition, job, personal relationships, and activities every day of your life…even just going to the bathroom…then keep reading and discover how to finally feel normal again…no more pain, no more stones, no more days of feeling like you can’t even move without hurting…get rid of all your symptoms in just days…like they never existed in the first place.

     I’m here to help you get back the life you deserve. There is no reason for you suffer needlessly for even one more day.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar...

  • Do you have sharp, piercing pains in your side and groin?
  • Do you have excruciating pain and tenderness when you urinate?
  • Did you used to feel healthy and full of energy, but now are afraid to try anything new because you’re scared the pain will just be too much?
  • Are you tired of drinking endless gallons of water as you try to pass your stone “naturally”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I want to help you...

     Kidney stones are a complicated, but treatable condition. Because many people don’t know what kidney stones are, many victims go untreated…having to live in quiet suffering for years and years…thankfully, you don’t have to suffer any more.

     Before reading any further, you must know one thing…it’s very important that you take the time to read this…understand it…and take it to heart:

     If you are suffering from the pain, tenderness, and frustration of kidney stones, you are not at fault.

     Despite what your doctor might have told you, kidney stones are not only a real health problem, they can have devastating effects on all parts of your life.

     In fact, if you have kidney stones, you know firsthand what real pain is…indeed, unless your doctor has experienced it, he can’t know how bad you’re suffering.

     Because I suffered quietly with kidney stones off and on for years, I know from experience that people who have kidney stones—just like you—are some of the strongest people I know. So, don’t let the doctors blame you for being “too sensitive” or having a “low pain tolerance.” They don’t know what they’re talking about!

     The only blame you can take is if you don't do anything about it now!

     If you’re like many kidney stones victims, you don’t know where to turn. You need help, but your doctor just doesn’t seem to be doing enough. Don’t worry; help is on its way!

     Here is some kidney stones information you need to know that most other websites won't tell you.

"Kidney Stones Facts You Need To Know"

     You need to know what you’re dealing with so you can effectively eliminate kidney stones from your life…forever!

     At Neubrio Labs, we’ve spent countless hours dedicated to extensive kidney stones research.

     In fact, my team of researchers is always at the cutting-edge of the latest tests and studies on kidney stones. I am committed to always having the best of the best working for you. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

     For some time, doctors have suspected that kidney stones might be caused by a number of factors, including a chemical or pH imbalance in your body. When certain conditions are just right, an excess of certain minerals or bacteria will bind together and crystallize to cause stones.

     Because of this imbalance, doctors have suspected that kidney stones should be treated differently than they had been.

     But, they didn’t do anything about it…they just kept prescribing the same old, ineffective medications and surgeries…with the same results: little to none! Or, when the medications and surgeries did seem to work, often the stones came back twice as bad!

     Why would doctors keep prescribing medications and treatments that just don’t work? It just makes no sense to any of us here at Neubrio Labs.

     However, the results of numerous recent studies reported by researchers around the world suggest that treating your body’s chemical imbalance may be the key to eliminating kidney stones.

     The studies indicate that people suffering from kidney stones can actually be naturally very healthy, but their bodies simply need help balancing certain chemical and their pH level—balancing the levels can lead to eliminating the pain, swelling, and stones…once and for all and forever!

     This is exciting news for our researchers because it means their theories on how to help people suffering from kidney stones were right all along!

"Your Kidney Stones Symptoms"

     You need to be able to find out if what you have is really kidney stones. Here's the best way to tell....

     As you know, the list of kidney stones symptoms seem like it’ll never end.

     I’m so sorry for your pain and soreness. Since I’ve been where you are, I know much of your struggle with many of the following symptoms:

  • Persistent pain, soreness, and tenderness in your side, abdomen, and lower back
  • Loss of mobility due to the pain
  • Swelling around the affected areas
  • Pain whenever you move

     For many of you, I know your suffering doesn’t end there. But, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms... everybody's next question is always...

"What Caused Your Kidney Stones?"

     As I said, you didn't do anything wrong and your kidney stones is not your fault.

     Many doctors want you to believe that YOU are responsible for your kidney stones. They’ll tell you it’s a result of things like drinking too much alcohol or too much stress, or…believe it or not, they might tell you, you don’t have kidney stones at all, you’re just a hypochondriac or have a low pain tolerance…that your pains are just a part of getting older.

     I’m here to tell you any doctor that tells you these things without doing a thorough examination to rule out kidney stones is not doing their job properly.

     You didn’t cause your kidney stones. You are a victim of it. I’m here to change that for you.

     At the top of the list of causes of kidney stones is your body’s inability to balance its pH and other important chemicals. In addition, r ecent research shows that the following can lead to or trigger kidney stones symptoms:

  • Lack of fluids
  • Family or personal history
  • Diseases such as gout, chronic urinary tract infections, cystic kidney disease, and hyperparathyroidism
  • diets that are high in protein and low in fiber

     As you can see there are real issues that can lead to kidney stones. And, the truth is, our researchers are learning more everyday about what causes kidney stones.

     But, sadly, most doctors don’t know much about how to really treat kidney stones effectively. But, first take a look at the photos below and you can see what kidney stones actually look like.

“Kidney Stones Pictures You Can See"

Before you begin treating your body for reaction to kidney stones , it’s always a good idea to see what’s causing all the pain. Look at these pictures of common kidney stones…it’s amazing how something so small can cause so much pain, isn’t it?

     After looking at these pictures, you can see how serious kidney stones really are…That's why you have to be ready to learn about your treatment options now...

"Your Kidney Stones Treatment or Remedy Options"

     You have several options to treat your kidney stones , but unfortunately, many of these options are ineffective, time-consuming, and very, very expensive.

     And, more than that, some of the side effects that these options cause are even worse than the kidney stones itself!

     Let’s take a look at how kidney stones have been traditionally treated, so you can know what’s available to help you. Most often, doctors will prescribe oral medications or surgical procedures to fix your stones.

     Operations and synthetic, chemical drugs currently prescribed for kidney stones only temporarily help get rid of the pain, but they don’t fix the cause of your kidney stones.

     These surgeries and prescriptions only temporarily help the symptoms of your kidney stones by numbing the pain or removing any current stones but they do not keep them from coming back, and weren’t designed to fix the problem…if they fixed the problem, you wouldn’t need to keep buying the drugs or keep having the surgeries anymore!

     But, now you can start to see why prescription drugs are an $800 billion dollar a year industry…

     Most doctors will tell you that these treatments are quick and easy…but, what they’re not telling you about these pricey drugs and surgeries are that they only help you “manage” or live with the symptoms but don’t cure kidney stones.

     What good is that? A treatment that helps you ‘live with’ symptoms that are ruining your life, and causing more, potentially serious problems for you to suffer through. That’s not how a good remedy should work, is it?

     With all these potentially harmful side effects and the high costs of these treatments, I know you’re wondering if there’s a better way, a safer, faster or more efficient way you can permanently deal with your kidney stones.

     What you really need is something to give your body the ability to protect itself and help you balance your body’s pH so it can begin working properly and put you on the path to good health.

There just has to be a better way to help you, right?

"Finally, You Have A Real Answer, Lithonal (now Renalon)™"

"How Lithonal (now Renalon)™ is Different for You"
     You only need five minutes and one simple solution for your kidney stones and that solution is Lithonal (now Renalon)™.

  • A revolutionary new way of helping victims of kidney stones, just like you!
  • Ingredients proven in numerous documented scientific international studies to help people suffering from symptoms associated with kidney stones.
  • A proprietary blend of potent botanicals successfully used for decades to deal with the symptoms associated with kidney stones.

     There is no other available product in the world that matches the results of Lithonal (now Renalon)™.

     In fact, its list of powerful ingredients has been documented as highly effective by international scientists, organizations, and medical journals. That's because Lithonal (now Renalon)™ penetrates deeply to attack kidney stones from the inside out.

     This means that, unlike other kidney stones medications, Lithonal (now Renalon)™ attacks your kidney stones from every direction. It not only gives your body the strength it needs to dissolve the stones and balance your pH levels, it also provides the vital support and protection your whole body needs to be well.

     Lithonal (now Renalon)™ was specially formulated to give your body what it needs to start getting better immediately! It's amazing how this simple solution was overlooked for so long before it was brought to you.

"How Lithonal (now Renalon)™ Was Discovered"

     You'll be shocked when you learn how and why Lithonal (now Renalon)™ was first made and used.

     When our scientists at Neubrio Labs, began to research the problem, we discovered that there were countless THOUSANDS of kidney stones sufferers whose condition was not responding to the "normal" drug treatments.

     That's when we discovered the special formula that would later be used by over 94,000 kidney stones suffers.

     Neubrio Labs manufactures Lithonal (now Renalon)™ in a state-of-the-art facility under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices, or "G.M.P."

     That means that Lithonal (now Renalon)™ is safe and effective. Lithonal (now Renalon)™ has successfully treated countless kidney stones sufferers. Because it worked for them you know it will work for you—guaranteed!

"What Lithonal (now Renalon)™ Does For You"

     You have to understand that the special blend of potent botanicals has been methodically tested and retested to make sure it provides the maximum benefits to people like you who are suffering needlessly from kidney stones.

     With its scientifically-tested combination of highly-effective ingredients, Lithonal (now Renalon)™ helps you take charge of your symptoms from day one.

     Our researchers have worked long hours in the lab to produce the only remedy available today that has this power-packed combination of ingredients designed to help you:

  • Eliminate pain and inflammation
  • Dissolve existing stones, quickly and effortlessly
  • Stop the piercing, stabbing pain of urinating
  • End soreness, swelling, and endless hurting
  • Escape the dangerous effects of so many prescription drugs and surgeries
  • Help you get back your “normal” life
  • And, so much more!

     At Neubrio Labs, it’s our job to put you and your health first and that's why you'll never find a solution like Lithonal (now Renalon)™ anywhere else in the world.

     And, more than that, it’s my job to make sure that you are getting only the best care possible. I wouldn’t let a single bottle of Lithonal (now Renalon)™ leave our facilities unless I knew 100% that it would help you instantly and powerfully.

"How Fast Lithonal (now Renalon)™ Works For You"

You want it to work fast don't you…

     If you’re like most people suffering from kidney stones, you needed a solution yesterday. You want one that will work fast.

     Waiting weeks and weeks for your prescriptions to take effect or to get scheduled for a surgery just isn’t going to cut it.

     Lithonal (now Renalon)™ has a proven system for pain relief that is unique because it starts working immediately. Because it works from the inside out on your kidney stones, dissolving the existing stones and balancing your pH levels, Lithonal (now Renalon)™ helps you to start taking control of your health with the very first dose.

     Lithonal (now Renalon)™ is designed to restore the right balance and dissolve stones as well as soothe irritated muscles and reduce inflammation so they pass quickly and easily.

     In fact, Lithonal (now Renalon)™ has been created to help you WIPE OUT your pain twice as quickly as most other leading brands.

     At first, Lithonal (now Renalon)™ will help dissolve and eliminate your existing stones. Then, it will help protect and boost your body’s ability to fight off future stones by balancing your body’s pH and chemical levels. With a remarkable combination of potent botanicals, you’ll have the energy your body needs to get better fast.

     And, what’s best, Lithonal (now Renalon)™ starts working immediately. No waiting. No fear of it not working. Immediate results for your peace of mind.

You really can't ask for more than that can you?

"Here is What Will Happen To You Using Lithonal (now Renalon)™"

     The moment that you take your first dose of Lithonal (now Renalon)™ it goes to work immediately and you can begin imagining what it will feel like to be normal again…

  • Remember what it was like to be pain-free? You woke up in the morning feeling ready to meet the day with no aches or pains and enough energy to last you all day and all night. Lithonal (now Renalon)™ makes this all possible again… no pain, soreness, or inflammation…just you and your body feeling ready to conquer the world!
  • Imagine what it would be like to not be scared of going to the bathroom—no more pain when you were urinating. With Lithonal (now Renalon)™ you’ll rediscover the joy of just being you—no aches, no pains…total good health, ready to meet any challenge—even if it’s as simple as using the restroom—and enjoy your life, one day at a time.
  • Can you picture what an entire day without any of your kidney stones symptoms would feel like? Feels pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Now picture what it would feel like to be free of your kidney stones symptoms for a week, a month, a year…a lifetime…now you’re starting to see what Lithonal (now Renalon)™ can do for you.
  • Do you dream about living a life where you aren’t constantly feeling wiped out, in fear of pain, or just trapped inside your house because you can’t move around? With Lithonal (now Renalon)™ you can turn that dream into a reality. Feel more energetic, be pain-free and energized, and be able to start doing all the things you’ve had to put off for too long because you’ve been struggling with your symptoms.

     Lithonal (now Renalon)™ helps you get your life back…the way you want it…and it does it in just days. Stop imagining and let Lithonal (now Renalon)™ help you reclaim the life you deserve. You’re sure to feel like a whole new person!

"What The Experts Tell You About Lithonal (now Renalon)™"

     You know we love our product but here you can see what everyone else thinks about it...

     As you’ve already seen, medical, research, and scientific organizations all around the world have put their stamp of approval on the potent combination of ingredients found in Lithonal (now Renalon)™.

     We sought out scientists, researchers both funded and independent, studies and tests for the most comprehensive wealth of information available.

     We ended up working with 28 different Universities in the United States and also internationally, 3 independent testing labs, and over 450 national press and media contacts to look at Lithonal (now Renalon)™ and try to pick it apart.

Our own team also performed exhaustive studies – and here’s what we found…

  • 99.4% of all people who used Lithonal (now Renalon)™ as directed reported a positive result.
  • 93.7% said that their kidney stones symptoms had completely vanished.

     And, more than that, Lithonal (now Renalon)™ has been shown to do so without the potentially damaging side effects of conventional medications and treatments.

Here's your proof positive that Lithonal (now Renalon)™ works!

You've probably heard the buzz by now...

"You Need to Hear These Real Life Success Stories"

     "If I may speak honestly, I always believed that any herbal stuff was a bunch of crap. I was doing some research on the Internet about kidney stones and found your website. I thought, Yeah, right, but I was totally fed up with the pain and didn't have anything to lose so I ordered some Lithonal (now Renalon)™. I soon began to feel better, and sure enough my kidney stone passed and I did not get another one for several months. That is, not until I began to drink lots of milk again. I started taking Lithonal (now Renalon)™ again, and I am now trying to learn how to eat properly.”

Jim Sharp
Jackson, TN

"Lithonal (now Renalon)™ Has Finally Relieved My Pain"

      "When I found Lithonal (now Renalon)™, I was very apathetic in handling my kidney stones and kidney infection. I had been to the doctor and given antibiotics that only helped temporarily. Lithonal (now Renalon)™ has finally relieved my pain! I was in constant pain for 3 months before! Thank you!"

Petterson; Fl

"5 Hours Later The Pain Stopped"

      "I recently used your product for my stones. I had been dealing with the stones for about three days and had very little sleep and constant discomfort. I took Lithonal (now Renalon)™ and all of a sudden 5 hours later the pain stopped. 2 hours after that I started passing the stones from my bladder. I passed one stone almost BB size and 4 or 5 smaller pieces. I am convinced that your product helped dissolve the stone so I could pass it. I had an appointment at the doctors the next day and was able to call and cancel. My next trip would have been to the hospital - thank you so much!"

Rick Jamison

"It Worked Overnight"

      "In March, I had a really big stone to pass and needed help from the doctors. I had an x-ray that showed 12+ small stones in each kidney! Since then, I have had two incidences of feeling the pain of a stone starting to pass. The first took about 4 miserable days. About two weeks ago, I started to have the same symptoms and after a few days, I was desperate. I started searching on the Internet and immediately found your product. It sounded logical - and safe and quick, too. So, I tried it. By the next morning the pain was gone. However, about two days later I had another stone start to move, so I decided to take it again and it worked overnight. Since then I have passed some small stones with very little discomfort. I would urge people who suffer from kidney stones to at least try Lithonal (now Renalon)™."

Radler; CA

"Within An Hour I Stopped Having Pain"

      "I took Lithonal (now Renalon)™ and drank lots of water, just like you said. Within an hour I stopped having any pain. I didn't ever see the stone pass. I have previously passed 2 other calcium oxalate stones, but never had one pass with hardly any pain like this. I am astonished that it passed with so little difficulty! Thank you for helping me get rid of so much pain and misery."

Philip Hunt

"The Kidney Stone Is Gone!"

      "A trip to the emergency room and an x-ray showed that I had a 5mm stone in my kidney. It was so painful that when I moved a certain way, or if I was very active it made me nauseous. I don't have medical insurance so I couldn't really afford a prescription, let alone any possible treatment. I was pretty desperate so I looked for some natural ways to take care of kidney stones and found Lithonal (now Renalon)™. The kidney stone is gone or at least seriously diminished now and I have not had any reason to take pain or nausea medication like before I tried you product."

Atwood; OK

"I Have Been Pain Free"

     "Thank you so much! Since taking Lithonal (now Renalon)™ I have organized and put on my daughter's wedding reception, my husband's 50th birthday party, and attended 2 family reunions, and my grandson's martial arts picnic, all in 3 weekends! I have been pain free, able to keep up with my busy family life. It would not of been possible if I hadn't taken Lithonal (now Renalon)™."

Dixon; KY

"So, Are You Ready to Get Started?"    

     I know by now if you are really serious about your problem you want to know you to get your hands on Lithonal (now Renalon)™, so I am pleased to offer you this great product at an amazing value just for the next couple of days so don't wait. Here's you need to do...

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"Whats In Lithonal (now Renalon)™"

"Commonly Asked Questions"

Q: How did I get kidney stones?
A: With the exception of rare congenital (inherited) disorders, kidney stones are caused by a chemical or pH imbalance in your body. When certain conditions are just right, an excess of certain minerals or bacteria will bind together and crystallize to cause stones. Lithonal (now Renalon)™ is designed to restore the right balance and dissolve stones as well as soothe irritated muscles and reduces inflammation so they pass quickly and easily.

Q: Is Lithonal (now Renalon)™ safe?
A: Lithonal (now Renalon)™ is a safe, potent blend of common botanicals. It does not contain any harmful steroids, additives or fillers. HOWEVER, do not take Lithonal (now Renalon)™ if you are pregnant or nursing as it contains certain herbs which function as smooth muscle relaxers. The uterus is a smooth muscle and taking Lithonal (now Renalon)™ during pregnancy could have serious adverse affects. Also if you are experiencing edema (swelling due to excessive fluid in tissues) associated with serious kidney infection or failure, or cardiovascular problems, do not take Lithonal (now Renalon)™. See a doctor immediately as you may have much more serious problems that can produce kidney stones.

Q: Can I take Lithonal (now Renalon)™ with antibiotics or other medications?
A: discovertotalhealth, ltd. cannot and will not recommend anyone taking our or any other supplement along with any other medication without first consulting your doctor. If you wish to order products from us without consulting your doctor, and you are taking any medication, please be advised you are doing so at your own risk.

Q: How fast will Lithonal (now Renalon)™ get rid of my kidney stones?
A: This depends on many factors and will be different for every individual based on the size of your stone, where it is in your urinary system at the time you begin taking Lithonal (now Renalon)™, and how many stones are present in your system. A typical result would be and feel relief in pass stones within a matter of hours, but this can vary greatly from person to person based on the above factors. It is very important to drink plenty of water while taking Lithonal (now Renalon)™, which provides the adequate means to flush the stones out of your system.

Q: Can I get kidney stones again? Will Lithonal (now Renalon)™ cure me of kidney stones?
A: Some people who have kidney stones for the first time will experience them again, sometimes often. However, a balanced diet and regular exercise contribute greatly to making reoccurrence unlikely. Lithonal (now Renalon)™ is specifically designed to get to the source to break down your stones and helps rebalance your system. You must make a conscious effort to maintain a balanced system. If you experience kidney stones again, Lithonal (now Renalon)™ is a safe and sensible way to take care of them.

Q: I am pregnant/nursing. Can I take Lithonal (now Renalon)™?
A: NO. Do not take Lithonal (now Renalon)™ if you are pregnant or nursing as it contains certain herbs which function as smooth muscle relaxers. The uterus is a smooth muscle and taking Lithonal (now Renalon)™ during pregnancy could have serious adverse affects.

Q: Does Lithonal (now Renalon)™ have any side effects?
A: Lithonal (now Renalon)™ is a safe, potent blend of common botanicals. It does not contain any harmful steroids, additives or fillers. HOWEVER, do not take Lithonal (now Renalon)™ if you are pregnant or nursing as it contains certain herbs which function as smooth muscle relaxers. The uterus is a smooth muscle and taking Lithonal (now Renalon)™ during pregnancy could have serious adverse affects. Also if you are experiencing edema (swelling due to excessive fluid in tissues) associated with serious kidney infection or failure, or cardiovascular problems, do not take Lithonal (now Renalon)™. See a doctor immediately as you may have much more serious problems that can produce kidney stones.

Q: How is Lithonal (now Renalon)™ shipped?
A: All orders are shipped in plain envelopes and boxes and the return address is simply discovertotalhealth™.

Q: Is your server secure? Is it safe to order online?
A: Absolutely, our site uses 128 bit encryption the highest level of Internet security available to protect you and your credit card numbers.

"About The Manufacturer"

Selmedica Healthcare manufactures every product that we sell in our own state of the art facility under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices, or "G.M.P." Before you buy any dietary supplement, always ask whether it was manufactured under FDA Standards.      Neubrio Laboratories manufactures every product that we sell in our own state of the art facility under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices, or "G.M.P." Before you buy any dietary supplement, always ask whether it was manufactured under FDA Standards.

     Neubrio Laboratories products are neither approved nor disapproved by the FDA. At this time the food and drug administration does not review, approve or disapprove any dietary supplement itself. Statements about Lithonal (now Renalon)™ made here have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Lithonal (now Renalon)™ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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